Apr 19, 2017

ReBar NYC Responds to Racist Allegations. Huffington Post further Dismisses QPOC Experiences.

In a follow up to an updated post on this blog, we wanted to provide some context for the writing of the original post as well as offer thoughts and a response specifically to The Huffington Post's Michael Cook and his opening paragraph.
Like Barracuda and GYM before it, REBAR is poised to become the newest hotspot in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood. Occupying the spot formally occupied by G, the owners at REBAR have created a spot that completely turns this space on it’s head, with a diverse crowd, great nightlife DJ’s, and of course, amazing cocktails all helping to make a truly unique nightlife experience. I spoke with co-owner Frank DiLuzio to talk about what REBAR is bringing to a crowded New York City nightlife landscape and what they have planned for New York City’s much anticipated Pride week. We did speak at length about the recent (and unfounded) controversy surrounding their opening weekend, which has now been formally addressed. REBAR has, and will continue to focus on making the best possible nightlife experience for all of their patrons.

While we are glad that ReBar NYC has finally addressed the issue and provided an explanation regarding the accusations from its opening weekend, The Huffington Post has framed this situation very irresponsibly. There is nothing "unfounded" about the experiences of queer people of color in this or any other situation that has to do with their experiences regarding antiblackness in

Apr 16, 2017

No Blacks Allowed: New NYC Gay Bar Discriminates Against POC? Says "This is not a real issue."

UPDATE: ReBar NYC has released a statement on their Facebook page.

We understand that patrons were made to feel unwelcome during our opening weekend. That was never our intention. We invite you to experience REBAR and welcome any feedback.
Chelsea, New York - Recently, there has been discussion across social media surrounding Rebar NYC, the new gay bar in Chelsea (situated in the spot where G Lounge once existed). It was not until just this weekend that we noticed a lot of talk about the venue with regard to its admissions policies and practices. On numerous accounts, since the hangout spot has opened, there have been accusations of unfair, prejudice and even racist actions on behalf of the establishment. A bit of investigation lead us to multiple users with similar experiences over the span of a week, since the bar opened for business. According to the ongoing discussion surrounding Rebar NYC, the business is telling POC patrons who are waiting in line that

Mar 28, 2017

Let's Talk about that 'Gay Moment' in the New Power Rangers Movie.

Lately, I have been feeling that movies like Beauty and the Beast and now the newly released Power Rangers have been receiving a lot of positive and negative feedback from all sides regarding their LGBTQ characters/ 'Queer Moments.' Some are saying that these movies are receiving too much credit, while others say that the writers didn't do enough. In the video below, I discuss my opinion regarding MMPR's queer moment:

Jan 29, 2017

The Black Church and Gays

At the very beginning of the year, Kim Burrell made some statements about the Homosexual community, to include many of the people in her own church and churches like hers around the United States and World. While she isn't the creator of hate for gays in the black church, she certainly did restart (yet again) another conversation about the relationship between black gays and the church.