Aug 26, 2016

Logo's Finding Prince Charming, aka The Gay Bachelor

Apparently this has been in the works for a while now. In doing my research for this post I found videos and articles from at least one month ago talking about the creation of this god awful mess. Look, it's not because this is a "Gay version of the Bachelor" that I call it a god awful mess. Let's get some basics out of the way: The Bachelor on ABC and the idea behind the show, the very concept, is trash. Absolute garbage. How can any self respecting woman (or man, "Bachelorette" on ABC) live in a house with 10-12 other people all vying for the same person? Like, people actually watch this garbage? 

Well congratulations gays! You, too, now have equality in this regard. Thanks to Logo TV you can also find representation in one of the most horrible forms of "reality" TV this country has to offer. In 2010 I was totally here for "The A List: New York", also by Logo, but
that was because I didn't know any better. That show was problematic af, and now this is our follow up. Typically I do not judge people on what they do. In a previous podcast on Edugaytion, I mentioned that while multiple sex partners simultaneously was not necessarily for me, I don't judge people who do partake in threesomes. Some might consider that kind of behavior "kinky" or "open." This is neither. This is the LGBTQ+ (but face it, basically the gays) trying to keep up with the Jones'. "Oh yay! We have our first gay dating reality TV show" yeah, too bad it reflects one of the most horrid concepts of reality TV: The Bachelor.

Yeah, the trailer eventually ties things up with a "moments that matter" segment in which a narrator (presumably one of the thirsty house guests, and why they're so thirsty for this former Rent Boy, I do not know) talking about how every gay man understands what it means to be the underdog. Get all the way out of here with this foolishness. Anything that mimics The Bachelor and slaps a "gay" sticker on it is incapable of pulling of a "The More You Know" moment with me. This is trash. Hot, nasty, garbage water at the bottom of the community can on a humid summer day. God bless Lance Bass, someone who was so brave in coming out to the world after his wildly popular success with one of the world's most iconic boy bands is now hosting this smut.

This had better not get a second season.
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