Jan 23, 2015

Youtube Personality GloZell asks President Obama about Gay Marriage

Streamed live on Jan 22, 2015, YouTube creators Bethany Mota, GloZell Green and Hank Green interviewed President Obama about the top issues facing them and their audiences. Along with other important issues such as the Affordable Care Act, race relations in the United States, and US relations with Cuba, President Obama was asked, by GloZell Green, about whether he thinks that the Supreme court will make gay marriage the law of the land or not:

GloZell: This is dependent on the supreme court ruling, but do you think same sex marriage will be legalized in all of the United States during the time that you're in Office and what can you do to push that along? 

President Obama: Obama: Well, we've done a lot, obviously, to push it along, I announced my beliefs that same sex marriage should be legal that people should be treated the same... as an administration before the supreme court, we argued against the Defense of Marriage Act that was treating married couples and same sex couples differently in terms of federal benefits. The supreme court is now going to be taking on a case... My hope is that they go ahead and recognize what I think the majority of people in America now recognize which is two people who love each other, and are treating each other with respect, and aren't bothering anybody else... why would the law treat them differently? Why? There's no good reason for it, and so as a consequence... I'm hopeful that the supreme court will come to the right decision, but I will tell you, peoples' hearts have opened up on this issue. People know that treating folks unfairly, even if you disagree with their lifestyle choice, the fact of the matter is they're not bothering you. Let them live their lives, and under the law, they should be treated equally. And as far as me, personally, just to see all the loving gay and lesbian couples that I know who are great parents, great partners, the idea that we would not treat them like the brothers and sisters that they are, that doesn't make any sense to me.

And while I'm not too thrilled about the idea that the president referred to the life that LGBTQ+ people living as a "lifestyle choice", I do appreciate his stance on the issue. See the video below for the full interview. 

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