Jul 30, 2014

Can RnB Divas: Legends Pick Up Where Got2BReal Left Off?

Three months ago, OfficialShadeTV released what it hoped might be a follow up to the parody web series Got2BReal. I came across an episode just this morning when a friend posted it to my Facebook wall. My initial reaction to the idea that there was another web series parodying these divas was one of doubt. The creators of Got2BReal set the standard pretty high. What PattiLaHelle and company managed to accomplish was anything but easy. A lot of skill went into the writing, pacing, and editing of the insanely popular Got2BReal, and the results the series yielded are a good indication of the hard work put forth. With over six million views, two successful seasons, and recognition by the celebrities it portrays, Got2BReal is the established gold standard in the realm of shade throwing diva web series'.

It's no surprise that multiple other internet hopefuls have come along with similar offerings, many of which have fallen flat. Upon watching the introduction of OfficialShadeTV's RnB Divas: Legends, I was optimistic. The level of production seemed on par with G2BR, and then the episode began.

It's not that RnB Divas: Legends is bad. It's just not as good as Got2BReal, not yet, anyway. For one,
while the cast is now varied, with the addition of more gospel artists, it still retains much of the core that made up LaHelle's series. On top of that, the voices are not executed nearly as well as G2BR's cast. While both used similar techniques to give color to the cast (as most of the voices are split between two actors), RnB Divas: Legends strikes in many of the wrong places and suffers from inconsistency.

Another issue that many have expressed as of the typing of this blog post is the lack of new material when it comes to the reads/shade/jokes. While the addition of commercial breaks (Popeye's/ Gladys Knight) were funny to me, the jokes in the main show were not. Some even seemed as if they were recycled altogether. The pacing is also off. Editing and cuts between various divas is slow and causes the show to constantly lose momentum. A great thing about G2BR was the fact that its editing was so properly executed. Fast-paced editing in tandem with hilarious (original) content ensures a captivated audience.

Last, but not least, the voices are not synced as well. Part of the unseen magic to making a parody good is making the audience believe what you are presenting. G2BR excelled in choosing footage that aligned with the dialogue, not an easy task at all. Lines are written, not around, but with the given footage. An excellent example of this is from an early episode of G2BR in which Mariah says "I sensed a little shade.... I did." RnB Divas: Legends seems to do away with that aspect of creation altogether, and something is lost.

So there's no doubting that Got2BReal set a pretty high standard, but does that make RnB Dvias: Legends a flop? Absolutely not! As the series progresses, I hope that the people at OfficialShadeTV can fix some of these details, break away from the mold that G2BR created, and perhaps even establish themselves as the next best thing, because honestly, they have the potential. Check out episode one of the show below.

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