Jun 14, 2014

Bottoms Up!

     “Damn, I shouldn’t have eaten that chipotle earlier today!”  It’s a phrase such as this one that a man usually says to himself when he is just about to bottom.  He doesn’t know whether or not his rabbit hole is ready to welcome home a friendly visitor or if it is ready to say farewell to a different kind of home dweller.  With that said, bottoms all over the world have their own regimen in regards to proper preparation prior to intercourse.  Some routines stem from the use of a simple store-bought disposable enema to a combination douche enema and water bottle system to even utilizing a shower attachment to get the “job” done.  Nevertheless, cleanliness and proper hygiene are imperative to having an enjoyable sexual experience. 
     I myself am a bottom who takes douching very seriously before partaking in intercourse.  Furthermore, I find myself douching even without the intent on having sex.  For me, it makes me feel clean and lighter and it doesn’t hurt to be “prepared” for a spur of the moment type of gig.  However, one must always keep in mind that douching regularly is not healthy for the body.  The rectum is a sensitive region within the body that tends to dry out over time if it is always subjected to enema/saline solution exposure.  Thus, it is key to only douche when necessary, as in the case of bottoming, and/or when prescribed by your physician.  Whatever you decide to do please remember to be careful in your approach.
          Growing up I always heard my mother say in Spanish, “limpieza es belleza” which translates literally to “cleanliness is beauty” which
can equate to the English phrase “cleanliness is next to Godliness”.  This is my hygiene mantra.  Thus, when the time comes for me to bottom, I take the process very seriously.  Now keep in mind that everyone’s body is different and what works for some might not exactly work for others.  Therefore, I have tried many different ways of preparing myself before intercourse until I was able to find the regimen that works for me.  I apologize to the men in the past that were affected by my trouble-shooting activities.  But hey, at least I learned what worked for me!
     What I do before intercourse is I use a disposable enema that can be purchased at your local pharmacy.  I empty the saline solution that comes within the bottle into the sink.  The saline solution should only be utilized if prescribed by your physician.  If not, then I highly recommend that you dispose of the solution before use.  After I dump out the solution, I fill the enema bottle with warm water.  Make sure that the water is neither too cold nor too hot for this can possibly cause discomfort with the process.  After I fill up the enema bottle with warm water and twist the nozzle back onto the bottle, I slowly insert the lubricated nozzle into my anus and squeeze the bottle until all of the liquid has been discharged into my body.  I then wait until I feel the urge to “go to the bathroom.”  Once I release all of the water that I had inserted, I complete the process again over and over until the water runs clear.  Now, I have a sensitive digestive track and usually with me I do tend to get stomach cramps very easily.  Thus, for the pain I swallow a spoon of Pepto-Bismol, which in turn eases my cramps.  Hey, like I said earlier everyone’s body is different.  But what I have noticed is that not only does the Pepto-Bismol ease the pain, but it also prevents any leakage throughout intercourse.  I am guilty of having excess [clear] water flowing out of my booty throughout sex.  And no, that is not a good look.  
          Nevertheless, everyone’s routine will be different.  Some might be extremely similar; yet, tweaked in order to fit the needs of one’s body.  However, what is important to know throughout this whole process is that you are taking the necessary steps to proper hygiene in order to make the experience not only enjoyable for your partner but most importantly for yourself.  Bottoming should be an enjoyable act and when proper douching is executed intercourse becomes even more pleasurable.  Do not be embarrassed to take a little extra time to care for your booty; it will benefit you in the long wrong.  Bottoms up!

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