May 9, 2014

Is the LGBT Community Being Too Sensitive?

In response to the outcry against the exclusion of same sex relationships and marriages in their upcoming title "Tomodachi Life", Nintendo has issued an apology to the LGBT community.

"We apologize for disappointing many people by failing to include same-sex relationships in Tomodachi Life ...," the Japanese company said in a news release. "At Nintendo, dedication has always meant going beyond the games to promote a sense of community, and to share a spirit of fun and joy. We are committed to advancing our longtime company values of fun and entertainment for everyone."

Many on this side of argument believe this to be a step in the right direction toward the fight for equal representation in the media, and ultimately for equality. However, as is the case with just about any social argument, there have been naysayers along the way. Some people, from both the heterosexual and LGBT communities have criticized protesters for being too sensitive or too serious in light of this recent Nintendo scandal. Founder and Editor in Chief of Edugaytion, Johnathan Gibbs, responds in this video:

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