Apr 15, 2014

All We Need Is Love...and Graham Crackers

 Last month Honey Maid released a commercial entitled “This Is Wholesome” that featured two gay men and their son. I loved the commercial, but there are a lot of people that didn't. One Million Moms is one such organization. OMM is an organization that is against the LGBT community as well as things that aren't completely PG, and stores have any innuendos in their marketing. OMM campaigned for Care.com to stop sponsoring the Disney channel when “Good Luck Charlie” featured a lesbian couple on one of their final episodes.

One Million Moms chimed in after the new Honey Maid ad was released and claimed that the ad “attempts to normalize sin.” They even go as far as to accuse Honey Maid of “pushing the gay agenda.” They are also boycotting Nabisco as a whole and are encouraging others to do so. Honey Maid received a lot of hate mail, but they received ten times as many supportive letters, messages, and tweets. Last week, Honey Maid had two artists come in and create art from printouts of the negative comments and surrounded that with printouts of the positive messages they received. Honey Maid turned so much hate and negativity into a lovely, positive message instead of responding with hate as One Million Moms did. If they are all really parents and their kids have snacks that come out of Nabisco, these kids might get mad at their parents because they can't have their favorite snacks anymore.

       Kids don't understand why we hate, they don't care which company supports what causes, they just want to eat their Teddy Grahams and watch cartoons. It's sad to see OMM continue to fight and not get anywhere while they could go about their day, not buy these products and opt out of pushing their beliefs onto the public. In my eyes, Honey Maid responded so perfectly with their positive use of negative messages that I wouldn't take OMM and their threats to boycott or their hate mail seriously.

        When I was growing up,
I was always told that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I believe that OMM needs to stop spreading hate and trying to silence anything and everything they deem inappropriate. Times are changing and I don't see them going backward within my lifetime. If the members of OMM wanted to look at their whole purpose with one iota of common sense, they could see that the only ones they're really upsetting over all this are themselves. Instead of spending all this time petitioning to shut down things, they could be spending time with their families.

        Things that bother you might not bother the people around you. If by chance there's something on television, the internet, or the radio that you don't like, then change the channel or block the website. Start small when you want to try to change something. Don't police the country, talk to the people around you to see if you can get them to see and understand your point of view. I will say one thing completely positive about One Million Moms, they haven't stormed the streets protesting and haven't said things nearly as bad as Westboro Baptist Church.

       We wouldn't be where we are today as a community if we hadn't started small but thought big. There's enough hate in this world, and even some hate amongst the people in the LGBT community. The best thing you can do is spread the love, no matter who you are. Do better than those trying to teach others to hate the LGBT community on the basis of our sexuality. Live proudly and be yourself.
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