Mar 24, 2014

Our Favorite Things: Chubbies Swim Shorts for 2014

Spring has sprung and that means that it's only a matter of months until summer rears it's hot head and all of the gays hit the beach! Whether you're going to be on the East Coast laid up at the beaches on Fire Island, somewhere on the West Coast sizzling in San Diego, or in the South partying it up in Miami, you're going to need some swim shorts. Let's get started early and check out some of our favorites this year!

This list of blazing beach wear comes from Chubbies. Visit the website to see the entire collection!

The Double Overheads
My first choice from Chubbies goes to the double overhead, which are almost giving me full LGBT realness [too bad there's not a hint of orange]. $64.50
 The Wonder Boards
Ok, so these are nowhere near my favorite on the list, but I had to include them anyway. Yas shorts! You are giving me wonderbread realness, and the
creators aren't even hiding the fact with that cute title. Nice and colorful, but I can't do dots. $59.50
 The Bomb Diggity
Despite having a name that will undoubtedly send you back to the early 90s/ Late 80's, which I'm sure is the point [just look at that neon!], these shorts are probably my favorite of the entire list. Any person of a darker skin complexion [and we're all going to be in the sun] will benefit from the great contrast these will provide. Also, see the inverted version. $49.50

The Copperfields
Changing from a flat color short to short with word patterns isn't the only magic trick these little sexy things can do.... Definitely gets recognition for the patented technology. $49.50
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