Mar 13, 2014

Are Fang and Vanille Gay?

          So something that is hotly contested among the Final Fantasy fandom is whether or not Fang and Vanille, two of the party characters in the (somewhat) more recent FF13, are gay lovers or not. I’m hoping to do this without giving away too much of the story, and so you can form your own opinions as its not the most clear conundrum.
          Based on my playing of the game and seeing these rumors float around after I finished it, I’d say no. I have reasons! After seeing how these two women interacted throughout the story of the game, and the kind of bond they have, led me to these conclusions. Both of them coming from the same doomed world, and being reinvigorated within Lightning’s world have a profound bond. Throughout most of the game, they both seem to interact with each
other in a closer way like sisters or lifelong best friends who haven’t seen each other in ages. As the game progresses in its story, this bond becomes more and more apparent to the player who is essentially watching over Lightning’s shoulder from the very beginning.

I can see, however, how other players may have come to this conclusion. Because of this bond, and the more modern time at which FF13 came out, some players might interpret this as a given couple—something that’s not explicitly stated but still there. Upon doing some brief searches, there is the thought that the Teen rating given partially for “Suggestive Themes” is for this reason—their “relationship”. However, that can be for many reasons, which I’d bet is more likely for the outfits many of the characters have, and some of the slight innuendo that runs throughout the game.

          In the end, it’s slightly ambiguous as to whether or not these two are a couple or not. I don’t want to ruin the ending of the game for anyone who hasn’t finished it yet (where have you been?). As someone who still hasn’t finished 13/2 after pre-ordering it AND having it for 2 years, I wouldn’t blame you too much.

I’m not here to crush any dreams. You don’t have to listen to me, I’m not your Fal’cie. See what I did there? 
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