Feb 20, 2014

Ultimate Gay Fighter Isn't A Bad Idea

By now you've probably read the many articles on the subject of Michael Patrick's 2D fighting game "Ultimate Gay Fighter." This is the game that takes stereotypes from most of the different corners of the LGBT community and smashes them all together in one giant hot mess of a game.

Said Patrick:

"It's not meant to be hateful. If you allow yourself to make fun of a stereotype in a way that isn't cruel, I think you diminish the power of that stereotype. I'm gay, and although I'm not a stereotype, I have stereotypical traits. Why not laugh at that and enjoy it?"

And while all of that is nice and fine, what Patrick fails to remember (or even realize), as he markets this as "The World's First Gay Video Game... Ever", is that first impressions matter.

Now, I'm not going to argue the idea that this is The Worlds First Gay Video Game... Ever because it's simply not, but the fact remains
that many people in the world are still very under educated when it comes to the LGBT community. A game that allows one to "laugh and enjoy" the stereotypes of a group does nothing to further the cause or understanding of said group when the people being "exposed" to the group completely misunderstand said group. 

In other words: Too many people in the world are unfamiliar with the LGBT community for "us" to put out a game that pokes fun at our stereotypes. We have not yet won that right in our fight for equality. If anybody laughs at Ultimate Gay Fighter, it will be because they are laughing at us not with us, and, quite frankly, there is nothing to laugh at in this game, anyway. 

That being said, the idea that Patrick had wasn't bad. Of course, a few things would have to change. Namely, everything Patrick has done with this game so far. It's good that Patrick says he wants to be empowering to the community. But it is concerning that he later says he knows that not everyone is going to receive the message and hopes that the game reaches the audience he intends (apparently the few people who will think that these "jokes" are funny). 

What is Patrick's real agenda? Based on his statements, does he strike you as one clever enough to have an agenda? 

You can check out his interview with vg247 and decide for yourself. 

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