Feb 21, 2014

UPDATE: Rihanna Implies that Gays are Going to Hell Followed by Possible Cover Up?

UPDATE: It has been confirmed. This picture was fake. Seals completely made it up for no reason what-so-ever. See the full story here.

That Grape Juice Reports music icon Rihanna's recent actions on Instagram with user Benvoy K. Seals aka "Benvoy." The alleged claim is that Benvoy commented on the pop superstar's Instagram photo, and she retaliated...

That Grape Juice reports:

Shocked by her words, a number of her fans sought to bill the above screen shot as fake, claiming it had been doctored to land the ‘MAC VIVA Glam’ spokeswoman in hot water. Unfortunately, their
efforts came to no avail, as her response had already been spotted by the 4,000+ commenters who ‘liked’ the image, and ‘Seals’ himself, who took to Twitter to share:

Upon visiting Seals's Twitter account, we came across no such tweets:

Seal's Instagram is private, so we cannot confirm if he has re-posted any screenshots of the alleged altercation between himself and Rihanna. 

This could go a number of ways ranging from "It's made up" to "Rihanna has some excellent damage control" because lord knows the LGBT community drives a lot of her revenue. The question we, at Edugaytion, have is:

If the story were true, would you be willing to take a stand against such hateful speech and boycott Rihanna? 
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