Feb 25, 2014

LEAKED: Beyonce Gospel Album Track - Jesus Rain Down Your Blessing (Please)

We, at Edugaytion, have been saying it for the longest. There have even been bets going around as to which would come first from Beyonce: A Gospel Album or a full fledged Beyonce Christmas album. Well, the wait is over. Today Beyonce leaked one of the tracks from her latest holy ghost filled project, and you read it here FIRST on Edugaytion!

Feb 21, 2014

UPDATE: Rihanna Implies that Gays are Going to Hell Followed by Possible Cover Up?

UPDATE: It has been confirmed. This picture was fake. Seals completely made it up for no reason what-so-ever. See the full story here.

That Grape Juice Reports music icon Rihanna's recent actions on Instagram with user Benvoy K. Seals aka "Benvoy." The alleged claim is that Benvoy commented on the pop superstar's Instagram photo, and she retaliated...

That Grape Juice reports:

Shocked by her words, a number of her fans sought to bill the above screen shot as fake, claiming it had been doctored to land the ‘MAC VIVA Glam’ spokeswoman in hot water. Unfortunately, their

Feb 20, 2014

Ultimate Gay Fighter Isn't A Bad Idea

By now you've probably read the many articles on the subject of Michael Patrick's 2D fighting game "Ultimate Gay Fighter." This is the game that takes stereotypes from most of the different corners of the LGBT community and smashes them all together in one giant hot mess of a game.

Said Patrick:

"It's not meant to be hateful. If you allow yourself to make fun of a stereotype in a way that isn't cruel, I think you diminish the power of that stereotype. I'm gay, and although I'm not a stereotype, I have stereotypical traits. Why not laugh at that and enjoy it?"

And while all of that is nice and fine, what Patrick fails to remember (or even realize), as he markets this as "The World's First Gay Video Game... Ever", is that first impressions matter.

Now, I'm not going to argue the idea that this is The Worlds First Gay Video Game... Ever because it's simply not, but the fact remains

Feb 16, 2014

Beyonce Brunch Menu

So, this totally happened this weekend at Sabrina's Cafe in Philadelphia! Check them out by clicking here. 

The Beyonce themed menu included Beyonce themed items such as "Me and My Brunch in my Brunch Brunch Ridin'" and the "If Ya Liked it then You Shoulda Put Some Shrimp on It Sandwich Special." See the full menu below. 

Feb 6, 2014

Bottom Line: Troy Valjean Rucker and Kristen Griffith-VanderYacht

Episode 42! Chatting it up with the creators of the Drama Queenz on the performing arts, jobs, auditioning, and general advice about making it in the business in NYC.

This was a really fun podcast to record. I met Troy through Garrett in December 2012. Prior to that, I had only know him as one of the guys from the youtube web series "Drama Queenz." In December 2013 I met Kristen at a Christmas concert he had organized. It was a cute little collection of Christmas songs, performed at a small church in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. From there, we got to talking, and they were guests. 

The conversation really last a long time. We talked about SO much that didn't make it into the final cut. Troy and Kristen, in this episode, talk about the NYC artist's struggle, and about making it as an actor of color. Hope you enjoy!

Feb 5, 2014

Clay Aiken Running For Congress

American Idol Season 2 contestant Clay Aiken has announced that he will be running for Congress in North Carolina. 

Via Aiken's wikipedia page: 

Clay Aiken announced his candidacy as a Democrat for the 2nd Congressional District of North Carolina against incumbent Republican Party Congresswoman Renee Ellmers. The district is heavily Republican and gave presidential candidate Mitt Romney an 18 point victory over Barack Obama in the 2012 presidential election. Aiken will be facing Houston Barnes, a Durham businessman and entrepreneur, and Asheboro businessman and former NC Commerce Secretary Keith Crisco in a Democratic primary in May 2014.

See below for the campaign speech. For more info on this campaign, click here

No Gay Chile Left In The Cold (Tips On Successful Renting and Roommating)

As the need for adequate housing grows, the ability for people to take advantage of those needing safe, sanitary, and affordable housing grows as well. Being a housing professional Myself (specifically HUD project based, and Section 8 New Construction), it pains me to see or hear about our LGBT  folks in bad or worsening housing situations due to lack of knowledge. So, I’ve decided to put together just a short and hopefully informative crash course in renting a space (for your housing needs, mind you. nothing commercial).
When you’re interested in spreading your wings, establishing your very own den of fabulosity, or that ever popular man cave, there are several things to consider. 

Is this a cohabitational situation?  Today there are so many ways to meet prospective roommates. There should definitely be an intense question and answer session had between both the original renter and the new or prospective roommate. Chief among them from the prospective roommate to the original renter has to be “How long has the space been vacant?” and obtaining a history of past roommates and why they no longer occupy the space.  Any type of community space rules should also be discussed at the time. Different folks have very different housekeeping standards. A word to the wise, do not set yourself up to end up living with Mommy Dearest. “I’m not mad at you, I’m mad at the dirt”. “Now scrub”. Be prepared to provide accurate information about yourself, your lifestyle (do you entertain often, have frequent sleepovers, etc). Be as truthful. as you can about who you are, your income, and what you expect from the living situation.  Most importantly, draft a lease between yourself and the other roommate(s). The lease protects you and guarantees you have a legal document that will lay forth what will happen with your security deposit and any advance rent paid. If you are in a cohabitational situation it is also always the best rule of thumb to provide a 30 notice of intent to vacate (unless your lease states otherwise).  

If you are planning to be the primary leaseholder,