Jan 20, 2014

You'll shoot your eye out....

 I was in Target wandering through the doll aisle when I heard a little boy ask his Mother for one of the latest Monster High dolls. As an avid doll collector, I quickly spun my head around (much like Linda Blair in the Exorcist) to see what the Mother's response would be.  The younger, African American mother told her son (verbatim), "No honey, those are for little girls. We will get you something for little boys"

I faked a smile and as she looked at me with my two cumbersome Monster High and Barbie doll boxes in my arms, she asked " Are those for your daughter?". I couldn't resist. I said
"Actually Miss, they're for me. I love dolls." She gave me a bewildered look, I gave her a big kool-aid grin. And she hurried off, presumably to the boy toy aisle. 
The Latest Doll Craze Monster High By Mattel

Thanks to a very liberal minded Mother, I was never under the impression that toys were restricted to gender. Before I knew I loved men, I loved Barbie. By restricting a toy targeted for boys or girls to that gender, parents can often negate a child's creative process. The aspiration to be a fashion designer, construction worker, or engineer is almost always played out by children with toys. To cheat a child out of his or her creative expression because the idea that boys who play with dolls will be gay, or girls who play with trucks will be lesbians is a sad idea that unfortunately continues today. 

Hot Wheels By Mattel 
Children will gravitate to what they like. I applaud the parent who lets their child play free and creatively. Shame on the parent restricted by outdated mores and taboos regarding toys. It is called gender bias and it is an awful practice to introduce into child rearing. It adds an idea of sexism into the rearing of children and can often cause an idea what what men are and what women are supposed to be.

Barbie doesn't make your son gay. Trucks don't make your daughter a lesbian.

 This little blog could transform into so much more, but for the sake of brevity I will say that I've experienced so much as a gay, black male doll collector. Maybe those stories will find their way into my memoirs. 

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