Jan 31, 2014

Oh, the SHADE! Opera Diva Comes for Your Favorites' Collective Wigs

Every year, at around this time, we gather with the rest of the world to see one of the most viewed televised events of the year: The Super Bowl. And while many of us aren't watching necessarily for the same reasons, there are three things that receive the most review and critique (other than the actual game). Those three events are the commercials, the half time show, and who sang the national anthem and how that person did.

Today we're going to look at the National Anthem. This week, in an interview, opera singer Renee Fleming threw some pretty fabulous shade. So subtle, yet so bold, was Fleming in her stealthy wig snatching that few actually saw what happened until it had already passed, which is how good shade is distributed, and honey, she had a lot to give.

From the Associated Press, we read the following statements from Ms. Fleming regarding
her upcoming Super Bowl performance of the Star Spangled Banner:

FLEMING: She said in an interview Thursday she won't sing to a pre-recorded track and that she "wouldn't know how to lip-sync if you paid me."

TRANSLATION: "I know you all are so used to hearing regular people lip syncing, but I promise you, I do not even know what that is. It is somewhat a myth and legend to opera divas like myself. I don't understand it, and I won't respond to it." 

FLEMING: "It would be a disaster. I only know how to sing live."

TRANSLATION: "I am so unfamiliar with the idea of lip syncing and for that, I apologize. I only know how to sing with my voice. I apologize if it seems like I'm old fashioned, but it is what it is."

FLEMMING: "The thing I love to remind people about what I do is we're not even amplified. We are the final, major art form that is 100 percent acoustic and unplugged."

TRANSLATION: "I'm constantly having to tell these basic bitches out here that what I do is authentic, not auto tuned, not mic'ed, not enhanced, but one-hundred percent real, unlike the extensions I see littered all throughout the music industry today. You see, I and people like myself not only have the talent, but also went to school to hone the craft, study the form, and actually understand how the art of music works. That's why we don't need someone else to produce for us.

FLEMMING: "Really, I just rejected it out of hand. I just thought, 'Oh that's ridiculous, you know, it must be a joke.' Nobody's going to ask me to sing for the Super Bowl, even the national anthem, because it's just never been done, that anybody who was in classical music or any other genre, frankly, other than really mainstream, successful, top-selling, commercial, mainstream artists. So I was stunned when it was real!"

TRANSLATION: "Girl! I thought this was a joke! The Super Bowl!? Really? Have you seen the history there? Not since 1991 when Whitney Houston sang it has anybody even come CLOSE to achieving what REAL musicians can."

Renee, girl, we see you, and we'll all be watching on Sunday, before the game. Twitter is going to be on FIRE. She'll be singing along to an arrangement from the New Jersey Symphony and have 32 military singers from all the service branches as backup.
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