Jan 29, 2014

Living As A Woman? Do Gay Men Choose Female Video Game Characters for a Reason?

It has been said that Gay men are fabulous, love pink, and glitter. Well many of us do, anyway. In the Gayming community, the one bone of contention that springs up almost as frequently as console wars is why some gay men choose female characters.

Some of the pioneering ladies of Street Fighter

Male Character Or Female? The Guilty Gear Character Roster
When these conversations spring up, I rarely participate in them. I feel that as a Gaymer when your choosing or creating a character in a game that allows such customization  its up to you to pick what you like. Its that simple. As an avid doll collector, making a female toon ("toon" is video game slang for character) is like
making a living, breathing (so to speak) paper doll that I can dress. She will cleave, fight and spellcast her way through the hordes of evil, yet still look pretty with that air of "see you next Tuesday." I love a pretty character that can kick ass and hold her own. Which also makes her an empowering female character.
Pai Chan-Virtua Fighter Diva turned Dead Or Alive combatant

Final Fantasy X's Yuna. The Summoner who garnered her own game with the sequel Final Fantasy X-2
In the debate as to why gay men pick the female characters, I think it all points back to the idea of internalized gay bashing. Instead of picking Ryu because you are proficient with him, you will pick him because he represents what you think a man should be, and shun the female character as the obvious gay choice. Silly, silly, silly. There are gamers of every ilk who specialize in only female toons, or ranged fighters, or brawler type characters, etc. To label every choice a Gaymer makes in character selection and/or creation process and attribute it to being gay is simple folly. 
The new Pokemon X/Y allows you to pick a male or female trainer and dress him./her
If I'm the type (which I am) who loves a flowing sash, some pixie dust flying around, hair whipping and flowing,etc I doubt a male toon is going to give me those effects. If I'm the type who wants a character with muscles, manly, hyper masculine gestures and attacks then I would definitely go for the male toon. At the end of the day real gamers only care about their own proficiency. I played World Of Warcraft for many, many years, and although my Blood Elf Warlock Makeera was gorgeous, she was also effective and geared. I'm currently playing Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. And while, it delights me that my character Aminat Valerious is gorgeous, she also needs to be able to hold her own in instance runs and while soloing.  those are the things that count.    
Aminat Valerious- My Final Fantasy XIV:A Realm Reborn toon
In the end, the debate over whether gay men are more in inclined to choose a female toon because they are gay is best tossed into the muck and mire of the gay bashing we tend to do to each other. While that is going on, Ill take my fabulously adorned, female character and continue to slay dragons, fight in the street, and make life safer for mortal men.

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