Jan 23, 2014

Bottom Line: Merc and Quinn The Tag Team

Episode 41! Special guests Quinn and Merc B from The Tag Team talk about everything.... really http://www.youtube.com/user/wethetagteam?feature=watch

I first came across Merc B. and Quinn from The Tag Team on Youtube one day when someone from the Edugaytion group on Facebook posted this video about the continuing discussion surrounding gay marriage. "What an interesting forum they have!" I thought to myself, "And an interesting formula!" While Merc B. and Quinn aren't exactly pioneers in the format, as their setup follows the, what I call, dynamic duo blueprint (Think The Skorpion Show and The Buzz w/ Newnue), their content is absolutely TOP notch.

In the preshow, Garrett and I asked the two about the different subtitles, graphics, and music that is featured in every episode of The Tag Team, and found out that it was all the handiwork of Merc B. Keep an eye out on these guys. They have the drive and determination to become something huge, and the discussions that they are opening up in the LGBT of color community is a much needed, serious yet lighthearted, endeavor.

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