Jan 31, 2014

Oh, the SHADE! Opera Diva Comes for Your Favorites' Collective Wigs

Every year, at around this time, we gather with the rest of the world to see one of the most viewed televised events of the year: The Super Bowl. And while many of us aren't watching necessarily for the same reasons, there are three things that receive the most review and critique (other than the actual game). Those three events are the commercials, the half time show, and who sang the national anthem and how that person did.

Today we're going to look at the National Anthem. This week, in an interview, opera singer Renee Fleming threw some pretty fabulous shade. So subtle, yet so bold, was Fleming in her stealthy wig snatching that few actually saw what happened until it had already passed, which is how good shade is distributed, and honey, she had a lot to give.

From the Associated Press, we read the following statements from Ms. Fleming regarding

Jan 29, 2014

Living As A Woman? Do Gay Men Choose Female Video Game Characters for a Reason?

It has been said that Gay men are fabulous, love pink, and glitter. Well many of us do, anyway. In the Gayming community, the one bone of contention that springs up almost as frequently as console wars is why some gay men choose female characters.

Some of the pioneering ladies of Street Fighter

Male Character Or Female? The Guilty Gear Character Roster
When these conversations spring up, I rarely participate in them. I feel that as a Gaymer when your choosing or creating a character in a game that allows such customization  its up to you to pick what you like. Its that simple. As an avid doll collector, making a female toon ("toon" is video game slang for character) is like

Jan 27, 2014

Pharrell's Hat Pays Homage

A lot of us joked about Pharrell's head piece at the Grammys last night. Tweets and photoshopped pictures of the hat took social media by storm and are now the subject of many news reports and blogs. And we must admit, some

Jan 24, 2014

Gay Arab's AMA

Last week, Reddit user bar84bar posted an AMA (ask me anything) called "I'm a Gay Arab." In case you are not familiar with Reddit or AMAs, allow me to explain. Reddit is "the front page of the Internet." A hub for those crazy gifs, memes, and wacky news articles you see sprawled across Facebook every morning. Ask Me Anything's usually involve someone who is rare, be it a celebrity, or, in this case, a gay Arab. Other AMAs of note include, but are not limited to these!

So, now that you understand the concept, you can see

Jan 23, 2014

Bottom Line: Merc and Quinn The Tag Team

Episode 41! Special guests Quinn and Merc B from The Tag Team talk about everything.... really http://www.youtube.com/user/wethetagteam?feature=watch

I first came across Merc B. and Quinn from The Tag Team on Youtube one day when someone from the Edugaytion group on Facebook posted this video about the continuing discussion surrounding gay marriage. "What an interesting forum they have!" I thought to myself, "And an interesting formula!" While Merc B. and Quinn aren't exactly pioneers in the format, as their setup follows the, what I call, dynamic duo blueprint (Think The Skorpion Show and The Buzz w/ Newnue), their content is absolutely TOP notch.

In the preshow, Garrett and I asked the two about the different subtitles, graphics, and music that is featured in every episode of The Tag Team, and found out that it was all the handiwork of Merc B. Keep an eye out on these guys. They have the drive and determination to become something huge, and the discussions that they are opening up in the LGBT of color community is a much needed, serious yet lighthearted, endeavor.

Subscribe to The Tag Team by clicking here.

Jan 22, 2014

Is it a Cold Day in Hell or Something? Starkville Mississippi for the Win!

On Monday, the city of Starkville Mississippi in the county of Oktibbeha passed a resolution recognizing and supporting diversity, including gender identification and sexual orientation. Chad Griffin of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) issued the following statement:

“The city of Starkville, Mississippi is sending a message to its residents that all people – regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity – are worthy of respect and equality. These are fundamental American values, and Mayor Parker Wiseman and the Starkville City Council are setting an inspiring example for their fellow lawmakers in surrounding cities and towns. While we must continue pushing for ordinances that codify these values into law across the state, the impact of this resolution on LGBT people – particularly youth – will be powerful.”

The Mayor of Starkville responded:

“I want to thank the Board of Alderman and

Jan 21, 2014

Reluctant Gay Dude's Guide to Modern Gay Vernacular: A Response

Chances are you’ve probably seen this video by now.  If not, take a few minutes to view it and return to this article...

[Insert Jeopardy Theme Here]

Alright, so now that we are on the same page...  GIRL, WHAT? Like... What did we just view? I kinda feel like we just re-watched that scene from “Game of Thrones” where Walder Frey slaughters House Stark.  Ew.

I’m not sure if any of you had as visceral of a reaction as me, but I was deeply disturbed on multiple tenets:

First, this is a classical example of “cultural appropriation.”  Cultural appropriation is the

Jan 20, 2014

You'll shoot your eye out....

 I was in Target wandering through the doll aisle when I heard a little boy ask his Mother for one of the latest Monster High dolls. As an avid doll collector, I quickly spun my head around (much like Linda Blair in the Exorcist) to see what the Mother's response would be.  The younger, African American mother told her son (verbatim), "No honey, those are for little girls. We will get you something for little boys"

I faked a smile and as she looked at me with my two cumbersome Monster High and Barbie doll boxes in my arms, she asked " Are those for your daughter?". I couldn't resist. I said

Jan 15, 2014

A Gay Man's X-Box Live Woes & Playstation Network Musings

Youre knee deep in the practice mode of Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition. Youve been grinding your favorite character all morning, trying to perfect his or her style of play, when you get a request for an online match.  You shriek with excitement, as you can finally test the combinations and strategies youve been practicing all day.

Round one: You Win
Round two: You Lose
Round three: You Win

ULTRA COMBO FINISH flashes across your screen!! As you celebrate the success of your match-up, you receive a message.  Its voice clip:


*Comment Reported/User Blocked*

This is a day in the life of many gaymers, like myself.  

Jan 13, 2014

There’s a New Contender In The Arena

Gay characters in gaming have really leapt to the forefront of the gaming industry. Controversial gay romances in games like Mass Effect 3, Fable, or Dragon Age give players the option to pursue a gay romance between the main character and supporting characters. Visibility of the “gay factor” in storylines bespeak of a new age of the gaming character.  Like real life, the LGBT community have begun to make strides and moves.
Harkness From Fable

The Gay Kaiden Alenko Storyline
There is also a new dawn of the transgender character. Bridget from the Guilty Gear series is perceived to be a young girl in nun type garb but is actually a young boy. 
Boy Or Girl, Bridget is vicious with thoseYo-Yos.
                                                               Bridget-Guilty Gear
There has also been recent buzz about The Capcom character Poison (Final Fight, SFxT, Super Street Fighter IV) being a trans-woman. Poison is a fan favorite and has