Dec 20, 2013

Catholic Students Protest the Firing of Gay Principal

Many of the students at East Side High School in Sammamish, Washington are continuing the protest both in their local area as well as on the internet. Hundreds of students have participated in a sit in protest in the schools cafeteria after their vice principal, Mark Zmuda was forced to resign for marrying a man.

Zmuda's marriage is in clear violation of the Catholic Church's stance on gay marriage, and that's why the students at East Side feel that the Catholic Church needs to change. A petition on has been started, and has gained over two thousand signatures already. Many have taken to Twitter, using the hashtag #KeepMrZ2013 to stand against this antiquated injustice.

Mr. Zmuda has released the following statement,
post his resignation:

The fact that you guys are all here for me means the world. I just wanted you to know that I love each and every one of you. I appreciate the love and concern."

I just want to make one brief statement and that is to tell you that yes, I am gay. Yes, I did get married this past summer and I know it is against the Catholic teaching. I think a lot of you guys are raised in a generation that is more open and acceptable to things that are legal now in the State of Washington. But, I just want you to know that my personal life is a small part of who I am.

I am first a teacher and administrator. And, I try my best to be an educator to each and every one of you. And, I hope that no matter what happens to me and to the school, that all of you guys will seek a career and work very hard, find the love of your life, hopefully one day get married as well. At the same time, no matter what happens, strive to do your best. 

This story just goes to show that the tide in the fight for equal rights is turning in the right direction. The fact that these Catholic students, who have more than likely been raised in an environment that tells them otherwise, would band together and protest in such a peaceful manner for a person that they know to be good without regard to his personal life, speaks loudly and clearly to the great change that is about to come. 

Fight on students at East Side High! The world is watching!
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