Oct 25, 2013

Tyler Perry's Homosexuality

Episode 34! We have special guest Walter Lee Hampton II from ATL with us. Some good conversation and a little bit of spilled tea...

Walter's Youtube http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOlOvv282qPM6XdEiiXxSvA

Oct 24, 2013

Art Student to Lose Virginity In Front of Class

What is really going on here?

By now you've probably seen this story. In it we are told that second year college art student Clayton Pettet will be losing his virginity in front of classmates and faculty at an art school in London. It is reported that the young man had spoken with the UK branch of the Huffington Post, but on his website, Pettet says the following:

The Huffington post just wrote about my piece, and as much as I am pleased people are talking and debating the idea behind Art School. Some speak without understanding.

Firstly I have never communicated with The Huffington and I do not expect rave reviews (I never said that) I never said anything to them.

He goes on to say:

Virginity to me is conceptual and losing it as a performance piece is the way I have chosen to do that. But for a reason I haven’t said the layout of the piece, the location of the piece. Or what is actually going to happen. So for people comparing it to a live sex show, I can assure it will be nothing like that. Please for more real information go to

Critics have said that Pettet's concept cheapens sex and promotes homosexuals in a negative light. However, it would seem that these speculators are going to be the ones that are let down if what is being reported does not come to pass. Based on the horse's mouth, however, it appears we will have to wait a little while longer before knowing exactly what is going to happen.

Oct 23, 2013

How do I tell my Children that I am Gay?


I was reading around the LGBT subreddit today when I came across this post which read:

I was married to a woman for 15 years, and we are now in the midst of a divorce. In the last few years, I realized I was gay. I have come out to my family but not to either my ex, nor my son. How do I tell him and make him understand that I am the same person that I was before the separation and that I love him the same? Also, do I tell the ex or let her figure it out on her own?

And while the comment responses contained some good advice on how this father should go about coming out to his son, one of the comments, from a child of a gay man, explained what realizing such a thing can be like from the receiving end. It was very touching:

I don't think I really can offer any advice on what you should do, but I was involved in a situation similar to yours and can at least give my perspective. In my case, I was the kid with the gay dad and unsuspecting mother.

My parents were married for about four years before they divorced. They fought all the time, and the marriage was just miserable toward the end. My mother got full custody over me, and my father had visitation rights. He wasn't ever around much during my childhood, but I'd spend some weekends and a couple weeks here and there with him over the course of each of the following years.

When I was about 10 or so, I stayed with my father for a week at his apartment. Now, prior to this,

Oct 6, 2013

Oct 1, 2013

Sideline Hoes, Gay Daddies, and Facebook

Episode 32! we talk about Sideline hoes, the importance of the gay daddy role model, and some social situations when it comes to facebook and real life.