Jul 2, 2013

NYC LGBT Hate Crime ON the Day of Pride

Now this doesn't make any KIND of sense...

If you have any info leading to the identification of the two men on the train, call 311 and file a police report.

Jul 1, 2013

BET vs. B. Scott's Love Muffins

If you're reading this post, then you already know what happened with our beloved B. Scott, but just in case you don't, read his open letter to BET here

Now, what can we, B. Scott's army of Love Muffins do to help not only B. Scott, but make BET see the error of their ways? How can we tell Black Entertainment Television that it is NOT okay to discriminate against individuals who do not conform to one gender representation? That it is NOT okay to be an effemiphobic cable network in 2013?

Write to the executives at BET and LET THEM KNOW that it is not okay. If we do nothing, then BET will get away with not even being slapped on the wrist. I honestly want to punch them in the face right now... 

And for the record, I understand that most of the people present were "cool" with what and who B. Scott is, but some hater somewhere with enough power made a phone call or said something because they didn't like what they saw, and that is not cool.

Here are the two people listed on the BET website that seem best for communication on this issue:

Robert Avery Public Relations Coordinator robert.avery@bet.net 212-205-3159

Zabrina Horton; Senior Manager Los Angeles zabrina.horton@bet.net (310) 481-3737 Specials: BET Awards, BET L.A.


In addition to the mentioned contacts, HERE is a list of all Press Contact information at BET