Mar 18, 2013

Hillary Clinton: ‘I Support Marriage For Lesbian And Gay Couples’

"For America to continue in the world, there is work we must do at home." Ms. Clinton said in a video posted by HRC media. Clinton says that LGBT Americans are our colleagues, friends, soldiers and family members, and that she supports equality rights for ALL. A positive notion and a step in the right direction for a lady who may or may not be considering a presidential run for 2016...

Clinton states that her views have evolved over time in her position, much like President Obama. She says that marriage is a fundamental building block in our society and that she wishes every parent the same joy of seeing their child have one of the greatest experiences in life. "To deny based on who they are is to deny them the chance to live up to their own potential", Ms. Clinton said, "as we have become more dedicated to principles of liberty and justice for all... Many still struggle to reconcile their religious beliefs, and people of good will and good faith will continue to view this issue differently."

Ms. Clinton says that she hopes we debate in a spirit of understanding and that conversations with friends and coworkers can lead to opportunities to find common ground and a path forward.

"The speed that acceptance is coming is astounding, but the journey is far from over and we must continue moving forward to a more perfect union."

What do you think? Is this "coming out" of big figures in politics simply that? A political move, or a conviction of faith?

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