Dec 2, 2011

Subtweet Examples

Now that we've given you the definition of a subtweet and taught you how to subtweet, it's time to get to some subtweeting examples.

Subtweeting can be done in a number of ways.

You have your subtle subtweets....
Depending on the number of people she dates [which by the looks of
things isn't many] she could potentially be tweeting about anyone. 
You're not so subtle subtweets....
Okay, so she's definitely talking about one of her friends, but which one?
Unless the person who thinks he/she/it is being subtweeted about stalks the
followers list, he/she/it won't know that the subtweet is about him/her/it
Your aggressive subtweets....

This is where things start to get dirty.  This twitter user is calling out those who subtweet her
by subtweeting.  It certainly is a vicious cycle.

And your downright vicious subtweets...


As mentioned in previous articles, there is an art to subtweeting.  If done correctly, one may be viewed as a comical, or even sage twitter user.  However, if abused, a twitter user would appear to be an overly passive aggressive individual incapable of expressing his/her/its true feelings to whomever is being subtweeted.