Sep 22, 2011

Subtweets of the Day [9.21.11]

@KeywannaRose:  im selfish casue i dont wanna share YOU with nobody else, not even those that came before me #subtweet.

Well, it sounds to me like someone has security issues.  I'm not gonna lie, though, I have felt this way before.  You know? You're so into someone that you get upset when they talk about not only someone that might be trying to talk to them, but even when they talk about the old and extinguished flames in their lives?  It's a personal issue, and needs to be fixed if you want the relationship to work.

@angelicaagracee:  #truthis, I'm done with our friendship.. I've always been there for you, but it was never really mutual. You're too followbatty #subtweet

Girl, that's deep, but I hear you.  You can't invest too much of yourself into anything especially when you're yielding no returns and you're only getting negative results.  Some call doing that "faithful"... I call it stupid.

@Yungsteezie: #Subtweet'n a person dat u follow is #LAME jus @ em

Unfortunately, steezie, not everyone has the balls to do that sort of thing, and while everyone may think they know who the person is subtweeting, the person subtweeting is not saying that that's who they're talking about... just passive agressiveness at its finest.

@shakasisulu:  When u say this without naming names are u not also doing the same? RT @JoziGoddess: Many choose a #subtweet #twar, immature

#Twar?  Really?  LMAO!!!