Aug 12, 2011

Teach Me How to Subtweet

You've probably know the definition of the word Subtweet but do you know how to do it?

Subtweeting is an art. Plain and simple. You have to be very tactful and intuitive when you subtweet someone, and you have to be dealing with someone that displays equal adeptness.  It's pretty safe to say, however, that most of the people using Twitter, today, do possess the ability to read into your subtweet and realize that it's about them.

Technically, all you have to do to subtweet someone is put the hashtag #Subtweet somewhere in your tweet.  But there's something so much nicer [or vicious] about planning out your attack.

Say, for instance, you there's some random breaking news about somebody in the pop music industry.  For this example we will use Beyonce, as most of the people that I follow are either fans of Beyonce or know who she is.  Say Beyonce got pregnant.  This breaking news would hit and the sea of Beyonce fans would start tweeting about it.  Perhaps you don't have many people on your timeline that tweet about Beyonce, but there is ONE, and this ONE keeps on tweeting about it, over and over and over again.

 What do you do?  You can subliminally let this person know that they're getting on your f_cking nerves, clogging up your TL [time line] with tweets about Beyonce without directly confronting them.

Subtweet Example:  Okay! We get it! Beyonce is pregnant!  Can you PLEASE stop clogging up my time line with this old news #subtweet

 Perhaps, if they see your subtweet, they will understand and back off.  However, as is typical with Beyonce stans [stalker fans... people who idolize whomever they are stanning for], you might get some backlash if he/she realizes that you've subtweeted them, and you might be hit with a counter attack:

Subtweet counter attack example:  If you don't like what I'm tweeting about then you can simply unfollow #Subtweet

By this time, it's pretty clear what's going on, and you can choose to do one of two things:  ignore it, or unfollow.  Subtweeting is just as simple as that.

It has been my experience, however, that I'll #subtweet something and I'll get DMs [direct messages] from followers asking me if I was just subtweeting about them.  Usually my response [if I was NOT subtweeting about them is an honest "no"].  However, if the person I am subtweeting confronts me in private, I reply with "if the shoe fits."

All in all, this whole notion of subtweeting, the examples of how to do it and the methods for countering and replying to those who confront you about subtweets is nothing but one humongous validation for people who are passive aggressive.  Unfortunately a lot of us have trouble, or know of people who have trouble, telling it like it is/ being told like it is.

Super Happy Joy


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