Dec 28, 2010

TT: #subtweet

We've all done whether we realize it or not.

You're on Twitter pouring out your life's story to your followers, and in the process you end up talking [tweeting] about someone that may or may not read what you're saying.  To make it all the more confusing, you don't mention any @tags or govt. names, so the person in question's identity isn't revealed, and now everyone wants to know who you're talking about.

Usually, in this sort of situation, whether it be on Twitter or in real life, you could respond with the old phrase "If the shoe fits", but there is just something a little more vicious about the #subtweet.

Subtweet [sub twit] n. - A Tweet in which the person tweeting makes a statement about someone else [usually a follower] without directly naming said follower.

Examples of subtweets

Well, now that you know what they are, get out there and start talking about people!  They say that it's not good to talk about people behind their backs, and with the #subtweet, you don't have to!  You just talk about them in their front!