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August 21, 2016

Flamecon 2: Day One

Last year, when I heard of Flamecon, as it was described to me: Comicon for the gays (lesbians, bisexuals, transgender, and queer), I was super upset to know that it was a one day event happening just down the street from where I would be singing an engagement at the Brooklyn Museum for the Tyler Clementi foundation. It was a very important concert that focused on the seriousness of cyber bullying performed by none other than the New York City Gay Men's Chorus, with whom I am a member. The chorus geeks and gaymers, as we call ourselves, all tried to think of ways in which we could finish the concert and then make it out to Flamecon. It was no use. The call time was too late, the show was an hour and a half, then we would have to change out of our clothes, go somewhere to prepare any cosplay, because you know we would do it, and then find our way to the venue where Flamecon was, buy tickets, get in, and enjoy. It was just too much.

So that October, one of our chorus DMs, Dennis, posted, in a secret group, that Flamecon 2 tickets were available and that we should all cash in on the great deal they were having: just 35 dollars for a weekend pass, including the party. We all purchased our tickets and laughed: "It's so far off... Summer 2016? Ok, gurl..."

Fast forward to the end of July. The 2015-16 season has just wrapped up, and we're all on choral vacation! We had just returned

May 16, 2016

Game of Thrones: Book of the Stranger #DemThrones

Game of Thrones is no stranger to the black community. For years black twitter has used the hashtag #DemThrones to add commentary to a special intersection of the hit show's fan base. Last night's episode's ending, in all of its fierceness proved to be the perfect subject material for my brothers and sisters around the globe. Here, now, are my favorite #DemThrones tweets from 5.15.16

April 28, 2016

Of Race Relations, Doctor Who And Cosplay

Editor's Note: This is a reposting of a past article previously featured on the now defunct, featured on Kotaku Cosplay.

My first big outing with the 2D-X crew was 2013′s New York Comic Con. Our, then, Editor in Chief, Jeff, participated in a panel called “Geeks of Color Assemble! : Minorities in Fandom.” That day, I learned a lot about the perception that many people in our nerd culture have with regard to “accurate cosplay.” There were definitely some eye opening moments.

For one, I learned that a lot of people in our gaming/comic/anime etc “nerd” culture are severely prejudiced and misinformed. The story that sticks to me most was told by one of the panelists about her portrayal of Nubia. In as few words as possible